Every Fan Deserves Better Brand Experiences.

Human experience is the new brand identity. That’s why Nicho was built to launch brand engagement as unique as your fans.

Turn consumers into creators. Put audiences onstage. And liberate the passionate.

Because brands don’t build communities. Communities build brands.

How Hungry is Your Community?

Think of Nicho like your buffet of social engagement tools. Unlike most white label platforms, it lets you order from a menu of flexible formats and features. So you can finally customize contests, promotions, whatever it takes to fill your fans.

Amplify Movements. Until They Resonate.

Passions deserve to be heard. That’s why Nicho was built to go viral. With exceptional sharing, a design that leverages existing fan networks, and a tentacle reach that stretches across multiple channels at once, it’s always loud and clear.

Human Technology for Living Breathing Brands.

Approachable. Responsive. Flexible. It’s human characteristics like these that make Nicho so user friendly. As a result, your fans get the experiences they deserve. You spend less time building contests, and more time engaging.

It Gives You the Reins So You Can Let Go of Them.

A healthy dose of moderation is needed in any social engagement. But Nicho’s administration portal isn’t for control freaks. For best results, resign control and regain the power of your community. You might be surprised where it leads you.

Let Your Voice Be All Ears.

Nicho isn’t where brands preach. It’s where they listen. And, by connecting Nicho to a Google Analytics account, you can learn new things about communities. It’s juicy statistics like these that help you draft stronger engagement for the future.